Floor Plan Rendering FAQ

In order to complete your floor plan rendering, you first must upload a PDF of the 2D floor plan on our project inquiry form.

We also ask along with your 2D floor plan that you upload a few photos that will allow us to match your color choices and design style.

It simply depends on the size and complexity of the floor plan. For instance, a multi-level rendering would be more than a single level. Also, the number of rooms can factor into the total investment for the floor plan.

99% of the time, we can complete a single image rendering within  24-48hr window. If the floor plan is exceptionally complex, then more time may be needed.

3D Floor plan “drone style” animations will take several days to complete.

Yes absolutely! Our renderings are all high resolution and can be placed on your website still looking sharp at a small size, but we encourage you to display the renderings as large as possible.

Usually they are in .JPG format, but we can convert them to PDF if requested by the client.

Absolutely, yes! We encourage clients to send us several example photos of color schemes and styles that you prefer to incorporate into the final floor plan rendering.

Thanks to our partnership with Raleigh 3D Design, we can actually transform your floor plan rendering into a 3D printed model!

3D printed floor plan models are great for showing a potential home buyer any time they visit your office in-person. 

Perhaps your buyer wants to get an idea of what the home will look like, but they aren’t tech savvy and would rather see something in person. This 3D printed version is one more step beyond the digital floor plan rendering for certain clients that aren’t that tech savvy and would rather see something in person instead of on a screen.

Raleigh 3D Design can even make custom 3D printed mini homes or other custom 3D printed gifts that can be given to potential or existing client! Click here to inquire

We currently offer 3 options.

  1. A room-by-room style image rendering
  2. Bird’s Eye View
  3. 3D Animation Walkthrough


This option allows each room to be shown in detail as if someone was standing in the room viewing through their own eyes.



The second option allows the customer to see the entire floor plan at a glance from above, usually at an angle, with the roof removed to allow the inside to be seen.


3D Floor Plans

The 3D animated floor plan is almost like a drone flyover of the home as if it was already built and you were moving around it.

We can also a create a combination of any of the above mentioned options for the ultimate visualization experience!

Matterport is a specific camera, software, and subscription service that is used by realtors and home builders to help showcase already existing homes. 

3D Floor plans, renderings, and animations are great for homes that haven’t been built yet.

Although Matterport is a great solution for many, there are a number of things that can make it problematic for users.

The Matterport platform is limited in terms of camera and scanner compatibility, and often encourages its users to purchase a very specific Matterport Pro 2 3D camera.

  • For the cost, this camera falls short when compared to other options on the market.
  • The platform’s workflow is cumbersome and requires frequent repositioning.
  • Some of the platform’s most useful features, such as CAD floor plan extraction and BIM integration, can only be accessed Matterport’s proprietary camera and software (extra cost)
  • The platform also has limitations on the number of active Virtual Tours that can be created at one time.
  • The Virtual Tours are prominently branded with a large Matterport logo, which can appear cheap and unprofessional. Our video tours can be branded with your company logo instead!
  • The Virtual Tours can only be accessed through the Matterport platform, and do not work offline. 
  • Canceling the subscription results in the removal of the Virtual Tours.
  • The subscription costs quickly become expensive.
  • The company’s business model is designed to keep users locked into the platform and purchasing the proprietary 3D camera, making it difficult to maintain a sustainable long-term business as a contractor.
  • Matterport’s customer service is poor with unhelpful and rude employees.
  • Overall, the platform is not worth the cost and lack of flexibility it offers.

If you’re looking for a great way to showcase an already existing property to your clients, consider contacting us to discuss how we can help with a video tour! 

Video tours are completed with just a one time fee.

Pay once and the video is yours to keep with no strings attached. Simply upload/embed the finished video to your MLS listing or website and you’re up and running in no time.

Floor plan rendering