How to Get Rid of Cobwebs/Spiders in Your Home?

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How to Get Rid of Cobwebs/Spiders in Your Home? Cobwebs/Spiders are a nuisance and need no invitation to weave their patterns wherever they like. One day you clean up a cobweb, and the next, it is back again. It also leads to an infestation of spiders, which can cause long-term problems. Hence, you need a proper way to deal with them before the matter gets out of hand.


But the question is, what do you do to keep the spiders away for good? It is not enough to clean the cobwebs as spiders will set up elsewhere around the house or even come back to the same place in a few days. So, along with the cleaning, you need to take extra measures to rid yourself of the spiders. To do so, you should know a few things about spiders and use that knowledge against them.

Where do Spiders Weave Cobwebs?

Spiders concentrate their efforts at places that are relatively dirty and do not see much of any disturbance. It is why their webs are at extremely high or low corners most of the time. These are spots that do not get cleaned regularly, and the spiders make them their new home.

But then, why do the spiders come back at the same spot even after you dust off their webs? It is due to the disturbance factor. At most other places, you either walk around at one time or another daily or have an easy reach for most areas. Spiders try to set up shop where it is difficult for you to get to, and your walking around does not disturb their webs due to the wind.

The Process of Getting Rid of Cobwebs

As stated earlier, it is not enough to dust off the spider webs and hope they will never come back. If the spiders managed to weave an undisturbed web once, they realize that they can do so again, unless you do something about it. The three-step process for a better solution to spiders and their webs is:

  • The first step is to dust off a cobweb that you find around the house. One way is to use a dusting cloth and thoroughly rubbing the entire area of the web to get rid of all its traces. But you may have a fear of spiders and cobwebs in general and would rather stay away if you can. In such cases, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a broom with a long handle to clean the web area. You must do a thorough job so that the spiders do not have a reason to come back.
  • The second step is an extension of cleaning the area. You need some form of moisturizer to do this job. One such product is bleach, which keeps spiders away short term and keeps the spot clean in the longer run. Spiders cannot walk on slippery surfaces. They need dry, dirty surfaces to weave their webs. Once you take that away from them, they do not come back.
  • The third step is a longer-term solution to the problem, which is through the use of sprays and insecticides. Sprays help out to drive the spiders away for a while. But to keep them away for good, you should use insecticides that target spiders in particular.


Spiders can be difficult to get rid of forever, regardless of the methods you use. But some of the cleansing and post-cleaning methods help delay their future arrival. In case the issue persists, consult the help of professional cleaners. Also, if you need floor plan rendering services, then you can contact us.

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