What is Finial? A Perfect Decoration Idea

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The finial is an architectural term that refers to a type of design. According to the Oxford dictionary, finial means “a decorative part at the top of a roof, wall, etc.” It is something you can apply to your home for a more artistic look. we can design you a 3D exterior floor plan rendering, where you can visualize it before actually building or purchasing it.


At this point, you may question the purpose of decorating the very tip of your home. For home decor, the term finial has other applications that apply to indoor items and designs. We cover how you can use the notion for indoor decorative appliances to give a better feel to the place.

Where Should Finials Go?

As stated earlier, finials go atop different kinds of buildings. It is the primary use of the idea. You need to use the same concept for indoor applications. Hence, finials fit on top of household items to give them an added element of decoration. Only the limits to your imagination can stop you from adding a finial on top of a decoration piece around the house. The most common things to apply a finial to are:

  • Lampshades
  • Staircases
  • Curtain poles
  • Bedposts

Depending on the look and feel of the decoration piece, you can make it look better with the addition of a finial. But use it everywhere, and you may spoil an item more than raising its appeal.

Finial Shapes

A crucial bit of knowledge about finials is that the same shape and size does not go with every household decoration. Its application requires a lot more creativity to keep things from getting bland and repetitive. The dimensions of a finial decoration must correspond to the item. What this means is that a finial tip is only a small element of the entire decoration. It should reflect the article it goes on top of instead of going there for the sake of it.

There are different types of finial decorations based on their shape and size. Candelabra finials are the shape of a sword handle, with “arms” extending either side of a pole. These are appropriate for outdoor decoration, such as the house fencing.

You can think of a foliate finial as an extension of the candelabra one. Instead of two arms, foliates have four extensions coming out of the main handle of the decoration. They look better if used in small-sized pairs instead of on top of an individual item.

Some of the smaller finials come in the shape of knobs, arm extensions, a diamond, or a combination of different forms. An example of a knob finial is a decorative element at the end of the staircase. Finials as arm extensions mostly go on the ends of a bed structure or a decorative stick. Other more creative finial designs go with lampshades and other similar appliances.

You can also change the material of a finial to make those of glass or an alloy. The essential is that these decorations must be light in weight and remain upright regardless of wind force or disturbance.


A finial for indoor decoration comes in handy if you are out of ideas on how to make your home look better. There is a lot of flexibility with their design and use. As such, as long as they reflect the beauty of a household item, you should put up a Finial to add to the charm.

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